Anthropocene Journeys on Google Earth

Since the emergence of the Anthropocene concept which sees Humans emerge as a geological force, there has been a challenge on how to best represent it.

Greenhouses 2, El Ejido, Southern Spain, 2010 © Edward Burtynsky

Does the Anthropocene carry indictments or promises? Or perhaps both, depending upon who and where you are.

A challenge for documentary photography is in its ability to tell partial stories and that a photograph cannot hold both the problem and the solution. Given these limitations, what can Google Earth bring to deepen our understandings about the Anthropocene?

Guided by the 2018 documentary film ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch, Tanya Kirnishni has created a journey on Google Earth allowing you to traverse, explore, spin about, map, and take in some of the locations on earth that have come to characterise ‘humans as geological force’.


Launch the journey on Google Earth.